Başoğlu Cable

Operating in the industry since the 1980’s, with its deep-rooted experience, Basoglu Kablo has preserved its position as a leading company in its sector both in domestic and international markets.

Our mission is to be a reliable source in the industry with a global recognition gained with a wide product range, high quality service and competitiveness, as well as demonstration of our innovative perspective.

At Basoglu Kablo, not only do we view our clients as buyers, but also as business partners and pay close attention to their specific needs and expectations. This strategy enables us to fulfil these requirements and serve our customers with our fast, punctual and flexible manufacturing philosophy . Furthermore, we strongly take into consideration and work effectively upon any customer feedback and inquries in order to provide a high quality service.

Our expertise in manufacturing silicone cables, profiles and building seals places our company in a position within the major markets including household appliances, construction, lighting, iron&steel and glass, transportation, mining, health, food, ship construction and many mechanical and electrical industries.

Basoglu Kablo has obtained many successes and firsts within its sector but our company’s most prominent achievement is being the first firm in Turkey to manufacture silicone and PVC cables which are approved by Americas UL Certification. Moreover, with thanks to our years of know-how, we are the first and the unique producers of the branded cable “SIMH-OTM”, a FE 180 rated Silicone Fire Resistant Power Cable, as well as the ‘photovoltaic’ cables used in solar energy systems which are TUV certified and are under the brand of ‘SOLARA TM’.

We export worldwide. Currently, our main destinations are England, France, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Chile and South Africa.

With its headquarters located in Istanbul, Basoglu Kablo and Profil has got 4 manufacturing facilities, 2 in Bolu, 1 in Çerkezköy and another one outside Turkey, in Poland. Being built upon a total area of 41,000m2, (22,500m2 outdoor, 16,500m2 indoor and 2,000m2 storage area) allows us to confidently mass produce with international quality standards.