Special Cables

Fire Resistant Cables


Under the fire these cables can operate for a period of 180 minutes. These cables are circuit capable of maintaining and delivering current to protect the integrity of the range of 30 to 120 minutes under the fire.
Areas of use, where the bulk of people in hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping and business centers in places such as is used for the smooth functioning of the systems during a fire.

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Başoğlu Kablo Inc. stands out with its most technologically equipped and advanced R & D infrastructure facilities for the production of high-quality international standards using the “zero defect” work-oriented believe.
To seek excellence in the service we provide is our most powerful strengths. Products and services dedicated to continuously improve the safety and efficiency to provide the best result for our customers.

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Sales Network

I. Overseas Sales

From single point of the country to more than 30 countries full-service. With 33 years of history, and more than 500 employees specialized in planning, integration, operational support, procurement solutions; Başoğlu Kablo Inc. serves to its customers with end-to-end structure services and with a wide range of products.

II. Domestic Sales

From single point of the country to full -service to Turkey. Başoğlu Kablo Inc.’s domestic sales aim to establish value-added services and products, and operate a sustainable quality management system for customers, employees and business partners.